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A Royal Affair

April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

For just a moment I forgot I was pregnant this morning.

I was also reminded that I am not a real princess!

But I am a lover of the Fascinator hat…I did wear one to my wedding.

I have always loved hats and wished in America we were a little more classy like the Brits.

Just like me pushing a pram…maybe I will just start wearing more hats!

Bridal Portraits

I love the Fascinator¬†because it’s not your “Sunday” church hat. It’s hip..contemporary and is easy to show off your style.

I almost purchased a dozen of these hats at this hat shop..but I restrained myself!

At the Alter

Here is it in color!

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What’s in your bag? (Kelly Moore Bags)

December 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been seriously considering a new career when the baby is born! I have about $5k left in my spouse account for school. I’m going to take a leap and go into photography. I’m looking at the Washington Photography school where I can get a certificate in Professional photography. I know that you don’t need a degree but it’s free school and I can learn something new. I want a career that I work from home and can travel to different states (i.e. if my husband gets a new contract job in another city). I remember the 2 years that I took in photography with my dad’s 1st camera in high school. I was convinced then I wanted to be a photographer! I must not be so bad because my work is framed in my parents home. I think I’m way past the stage that they are afraid to hurt my feelings. They honestly were never afraid so I know that it must look good, lol :)! There is a point to all this rambling. As concerned I am about starting a business, I’m more concerned how I will look doing the job. This brings me to a camera bag. I refuse to carry something that makes me look like a tourist. Luckily I stumbled upon Kelly ¬†Moore Bags. This is a must have bag for a fashionista photographer. I love it because all the bags you can wear anytime and then turn it into a camera bag. Here is a look at the can’t help but love them!

I’m leaning towards this one but look at the website ( and you will want one of each! I just need to decide on a color….

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