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I’m baaackkk

That’s right..I’m bacckkk (in my creepiest scary voice lol)! I took a little break to get use to being a mommy. It’s been a fun roller coaster! Things have settled down although the routine is constantly changing as he gets older so for me all best are off for a constant nap time. I have a lot of blog post that I have been brainstorming on so I shouldn’t run out of content for a while! I’m also thinking about changing blog sites and getting something custom done. I hate boring and preset templates.

Baby update: Isaac is a little over 2 months. He is starting to grunt and coo at us. 🙂 Breakdowns are not as frequent or maybe I’m just getting use to them?!? I fear I may have a teether but we will see at his 2 month checkup. I am still breastfeeding but cloth diapering is another story. He is currently too small for the newborn size and the AIO are too big. Right now we are in ‘sposies’. I have some great review for the bio-diapers so I will post the next week.

Me update: I’m adjusted to being a mom of a newborn. I have a few goals before I turn 30 in October. One of them is being a better housewife. That means staying organized and on top of my cleaning schedule. I have begged for a maid…well lets just say I got shot down. Then I thought well I will use this to my advantage. The money I would use to pay someone I will just pay myself. Hubby agreed so now it’s time for me to get to work. I started off by ordering a few books (no Kindle edition available) and they will arrive today. I will spend this weekend getting organized and ready for Monday morning. I’m going room by room organizing ..purging..and cleaning. I am most excited to get my Home Management Binder together. I will follow-up Monday with pictures and a guide to make your own.

Hubby: Ed’s still working and going to school full time..bless his little heart. He loves being a daddy and gives me lots of mommy breaks (yay for me)!

Chief update: Loves the baby hates the crying. He tries to make the baby stop by bringing his toys or licking his feet( both ideas don’t work sorry Chiefers). He is happy to see his cousin Moses  but Moses is obsessed with the baby. (sorry again Chiefers). He does now have another dog to terrorize which is Louis.

Harley update: He thinks that baby bottles, caps, nipples, paci’s are all kitty toys…true story. So for now he is locked up at night because that is when the stealing happens.

Grandparents update: My mom (Mimi) and dad (Mr.McLaurin) no really he wants the baby to call him that get to see the baby everyday on facetime (best invention ever).

Ed’s mom (granny) and dad (Uncle)…see a trend here? Uncle got to meet Isaac yesterday. Hopefully he will meet granny soon 🙂

Until Monday have a wonderful weekend! I will be spending some of it in VA Beach with Ed’s dad and brother Chris! I will get to the  beach for at least a moment. hmm maybe next time because I need to go to the Navy exchange 🙂

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Two Weeks Old

May 20, 2011 2 comments

Sorry it’s been two weeks since I have posted. It has been a little crazy around here. I usually take naps with the baby to catch up on lost sleep at night but I was lucky last night and he slept from 11:30-4 and then 4- almost 7 am. I am hoping this is a normal thing but I’m not counting on it :).

Isaac had his two-week check up and is over his birth weight! He is now 8lbs 2 oz! He has surpassed my expectations! Bringing a child into this world has been amazing and challenging. I wouldn’t change any of it!

My biggest challenges have been breastfeeding (week 1) and getting used to what his cries mean. I am lucky to have a lactation consultant to see me for the 1st week. That made week 2 a breeze and I am no longer suffering from feeding my son! Cloth diapering is also going extremely well. I will try to do product reviews for all the items I have purchased for all the soon to be momma’s that read my blog. Today will not be a review because I am currently holding a sleeping baby as I type and it is not easy. I will do my best to schedule some blogging time when my husband is here so that I can possibly get something done! Until then here are some pictures of Isaac!

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Isaac’s Birth Story

I have to first say that Birth as I knew it didn’t seem so bad. I knew labor would be hard work and I knew it would hurt but that still didn’t prepare me for the 28 hours and 11 min of birthing my son!

This story began on May 2, 2011. I started irregular contractions at midnight that continued to the next morning. They were irregular and where painless (in comparision to everything else). I still didn’t think anything of it because I had been contracting off and on since  the beginning of April. My appointment to see my midwife was at 2:30 so I was just concentrating on other things. I went my whole foods on my way and they started to hurt just a little bit more. I knew this because the cashier asked if I was ok (I show emotion in my face) and I said “oh I’m fine just a contraction”. She looked at me like I had three heads. I then told her I was going to a doctor’s appointment and that it wasn’t a big deal. At my midwife appointment she asked if I wanted to have my membranes stripped. I agreed only because I was 40.2 days and wanted this baby out. Most people don’t go into labor when this is done unless they are ready to pop. My BP was really high when I came in and when they rechecked it went even higher. I was sent to L & D to have a NST (non-stress test) on me and the baby. It was monitoring my contractions and how the baby was handling them as well as me. I noticed that about 10 min into this test I had to breath through them because they were “different”. Baby and I got the OK to go home. The hour drive home from the hospital was NOT fun. Every contraction was hurting just a  little bit more. I timed them with a help of an app and they were coming 6 min apart. I thought it was just because of the procedure and that it would more and likely die down when I got home to take a nap. I did get an hour of sleep before my husband came home and fixed me dinner. He fixed me a hot dog (remember this)and chips which I was fine with because I didn’t have the energy to make anything. I began to time them again around 7 and they were were 5 min apart but slightly irregular but never stopped. I called my doula to give her a heads up because at this point I had contractions for 4 hours and I had to work through them. At around 9 pm they were coming 3-5 min apart and I would have to have my husband use techniques to get me through each one and so we decided to call L & D. The nurse told me I could come in when the contractions were 2-3 min apart for 2 hours. So we waited. At the two hour mark I was still 2-3 min lasting over a minute. We called back and they gave us the ok to go in!

After a bumpy and very uncomfortable hour drive to the Army hospital, I was really happy to be “having a baby”. We get there and I was checked by the resident and she told me I was a 2! I must have given her the evil eye because she was a little scared. I went back to have a NST and I was stuck in the bed which was not working for me and these killer contractions. She wouldn’t let me get up and the longer I fought it the longer I had to stay there. She was cold and not comforting at ALL. The baby and I were ok so she told me to go home. What go home an hour away your crazy lady? My sister lives in the area so she told us to come on over. All I could think about was a warm tub it’s supposed to be nature’s epi right. On the way to my sisters that lovely dinner I had…was all over me and a blanket. Please don’t eat a hot dog when you go into labor. This is your warning because you will see it again. When we went to Lindsay’s I turned on the water in the tub and was expecting immediate relief. I can only speak for me but it does little to ease your pain. I lost part of my mucous plug (sorry Linz) and was moaning so loud that I was sure she would get a noise complaint the next day. I spent some time in there but then that wasn’t working so I moved to sitting on the toilet, hanging over couches and walking on all fours. I was helpless and at my breaking point so I called the doula again. At this time it was about 4 am and I had to get her to come over. She talked to me and timed my contractions and told me they were coming a minute apart. She told me to take deep breaths and she was on her way over. I handed the phone to Lindsay and she told her to tell me how to cope. I walked her apartment dozens of times breathing with each contraction. At one point I squatted in her bedroom through several contractions and then stood up. I wanted to sit on the toilet (something about it made it better) but this time something felt different. I wanted to PUSH. I told her that and she yanked me off the toilet and told me “I will not be having this baby in her house”. She called the Doula and she told Lindsay to get me to the hospital ASAP and so that’s what we did.

I got in the car thinking that the contractions would be worse because I couldn’t move but they were about the same. I pulled it together because I knew they had to admit me…I couldn’t possibly still be a 2. I was defintiely in active labor. When we arrived I was greeted with some smiling faces and at this time was checked and I was a 6. Praise the Lord and get me an epi..stat. YES I had and epi. Not part of any sort of plan I had but I told them to rip that thing up because I was no longer laboring in misery. About less than an hour after I arrived I got my epi and told the anesthesiologist I loved him. I did love him because I instantly felt NOTHING. I couldn’t take one more minute of that pain. I thought the baby was going to rip out of my uterus from the top of it. I also knew that I would need PIT in order to progress it’s a given. I didn’t however expect the next chain of events.

I was finally told I was complete and it was time to start pushing. I had half the staff in the room but I didn’t care. Modesty defintiely goes out the window during labor and I haven’t gotten it back. I start to push and something went wrong so I was checked again. I was only 9,5 cm with an anterior lip. The poor resident got yelled at and I almost told that Doctor to shut it…it was’s OK! She said we would try to push through it and deilvery this baby. I pushed a couple of times (super hard work) and the baby wasn’t liking it so they stopped rolled me over on my side and let the baby rest. She was worried that the baby’s cord was around the neck and if I pushed and he didn’t have enough cord we would be in trouble.  I pushed for hours and then the Doctor said the lip isn’t going away and the C-Sec talk came. I cried not because I was getting one just because it’s major surgery. I wanted what was best for my baby and I wasn’t going to risk anything happening to him. The doctor said we would try a couple more pushes and give it my all. My sister heard them talking to the nurse and said she will be having the C-sec prep the room. We prayed and I cried some more but I was going to give it my all one more time. I did. The baby was not going to be born and they all joked he wanted to stay in there forever. I had my c-section but I still felt like I delievered him. When they pulled him out he had a cord wrapped around his neck and around his body. This was a nescessary c-section. I heard his cries and gave him his 1st kiss. I wouldn’t change anything about the two days I labored and delivered baby boy Isaac!

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The end is near

April 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The end is indeed near! I am 39.2 days today. I had my 39 week midwife appointment. I met almost all of them. I am glad I saw this particular one because she was so positive and encouraging about everything that is going on with my body. I am 1cm/70%/-1. she said baby Isaac is really low and dropped a lot in 10 days. Last time I was -3 so I love to hear any change. She said that the effacement and station are more important than dilation. She also said be thankful for all those BH I get because my uterus is working and getting ready for the real thing! I kept thinking in the car I don’t have months anymore, I have days. I could still have weeks but I am just hoping he doesn’t wait that long! He has dropped so much since the last picture I took and I feel that he is now engaged. My feet and hands are now fat which I am not happy with but I was still able to wear my toe shoes to walk in so they can’t be but so swollen!

Baby Isaac,

Mommy & Daddy are so excited to meet you for the first time!

You are what we live for and can’t wait to hold you and give you lots of kisses!

I will endure the pain for you on your birth’s the least I could do

for such a little baby enduring so much to enter this world.

Don’t be scared because you have two strong parents to help you on your 1st day of life

and for the rest of it….

Come soon little one.

We love you.


Mommy & Daddy

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37 weeks

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

I will be 38 weeks tomorrow! I’m so excited to hit that mark! I went to my midwife appointment which is always exciting but makes me nervous. The nurses were like your pulse is racing. I have a higher pulse anyways but I told them I was just nervous and wanted to see the midwife which I’m sure contributed to being higher than my usual. I walked into the exam room and she asked me “if” I wanted to be checked.

Let’s see 1st time mom..excited to meet her baby…YES I want to be checked.

I could care less it means nothing but some progress is something to be proud of right?

I am currently 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. I didn’t ask her what station the baby was at (too excited that something was actually going on) but she did say she felt the head which has to be a good sign that he is nice and low. I have been having a lot of BH’s so my body is working to open up. I don’t feel any pain in my pelvis and she said just to count my blessings. She did want to confirm his position so I did get an ultrasound that day! They don’t usually do that but she was confused on why I had two hard spots on the sides of my belly. Turned out his butt and his knee…but good baby boy is still posterior. Heads up with his little hand in a fist near his face…I’m hoping he decides to move that hand during pushing!

I have tried everything humanly possible to encourage him to move and he is stubborn like his momma so we will just have to go with the flow between now and his birthday! I am so excited to meet you baby and momma says she is ready whenever you are!

Totally off topic but I saw this app on a TV show Ed & I like to watch…it’s called Instagram on the iPhone. Polaroid and vintage is all the rage right now in photography! If you have an iPhone check it out. I get pretty bored waiting for appointments or just hanging out so here are a few shots!

Belly Shots…not exactly what that use to mean in my world

My funny little Chief! I miss you 🙂

2 out of 3 of my favorite men in my life (Isaac come join them)

showing some love to my MINI

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36.4 days

I had my 36 week midwife appointment. I was a little disappointed. I know in my head dilation means nothing as to when labor starts it would feel good to know where I’m at. If I am already dilated then it makes me excited that I have less to go in labor 🙂 Everyone wants the dilation to mean something but it just doesn’t! Since I already know this it doesn’t make me think that I will go into labor at a certain time or not. I honestly just need a soft and favorable cervix.(sorry TMI) This is what is really important to prevent induction in the future.

I had my group B strep test and went over my birth plan. I will find out the results next Thursday and hopefully get checked next week. OB’s and Midwives are very different. She may not check me…at all or I may get checked. NO worries I will be asking if I’m taking of my clothes when I get into the room! All mom’s at the Military hospitals are given a book that explains each visit and what they will do. It does say I get checked at this visit so maybe I will have more to tell next post!

I have had BH contractions for a couple of days now but they are irregular. I didn’t even know I was having them because earlier in my pregnancy I was having extreme cramping and stabbing pain in my belly. This was just a tightening and my tummy was in a ball so I just thought it was the baby moving in weird spots. I asked the Doctor and she said it was definitely BH and they should become more frequent as the days go on. I talk to the baby every day and tell him we are ready for him but honestly I’m not ready..not yet. I am now OCD with a list of chores and task for my husband and I to complete this weekend. I do believe I am starting nesting because I have the strange desire to scrub every inch of this house with a bucket and toothbrush. Ok…laugh it out! Those of you who know me know that I rather have a maid do everything rather than to clean anything in the house. Why am I afraid they won’t do it right? I have the ok (after much begging and pleading) to get a maid on a bi-weekly bases. I won that battle but now if I do have someone come over I can’t demand they do things..and how they do it. OR CAN I?

So here’s to me scrubbing the entire house with a bucket and toothbrush..I find it disgusting that I have a smile on my face right now!

You will never see this side of me again..well not until the next baby! Yes the next..I’m already thinking about the next~

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