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I’m baaackkk

That’s right..I’m bacckkk (in my creepiest scary voice lol)! I took a little break to get use to being a mommy. It’s been a fun roller coaster! Things have settled down although the routine is constantly changing as he gets older so for me all best are off for a constant nap time. I have a lot of blog post that I have been brainstorming on so I shouldn’t run out of content for a while! I’m also thinking about changing blog sites and getting something custom done. I hate boring and preset templates.

Baby update: Isaac is a little over 2 months. He is starting to grunt and coo at us. 🙂 Breakdowns are not as frequent or maybe I’m just getting use to them?!? I fear I may have a teether but we will see at his 2 month checkup. I am still breastfeeding but cloth diapering is another story. He is currently too small for the newborn size and the AIO are too big. Right now we are in ‘sposies’. I have some great review for the bio-diapers so I will post the next week.

Me update: I’m adjusted to being a mom of a newborn. I have a few goals before I turn 30 in October. One of them is being a better housewife. That means staying organized and on top of my cleaning schedule. I have begged for a maid…well lets just say I got shot down. Then I thought well I will use this to my advantage. The money I would use to pay someone I will just pay myself. Hubby agreed so now it’s time for me to get to work. I started off by ordering a few books (no Kindle edition available) and they will arrive today. I will spend this weekend getting organized and ready for Monday morning. I’m going room by room organizing ..purging..and cleaning. I am most excited to get my Home Management Binder together. I will follow-up Monday with pictures and a guide to make your own.

Hubby: Ed’s still working and going to school full time..bless his little heart. He loves being a daddy and gives me lots of mommy breaks (yay for me)!

Chief update: Loves the baby hates the crying. He tries to make the baby stop by bringing his toys or licking his feet( both ideas don’t work sorry Chiefers). He is happy to see his cousin Moses  but Moses is obsessed with the baby. (sorry again Chiefers). He does now have another dog to terrorize which is Louis.

Harley update: He thinks that baby bottles, caps, nipples, paci’s are all kitty toys…true story. So for now he is locked up at night because that is when the stealing happens.

Grandparents update: My mom (Mimi) and dad (Mr.McLaurin) no really he wants the baby to call him that get to see the baby everyday on facetime (best invention ever).

Ed’s mom (granny) and dad (Uncle)…see a trend here? Uncle got to meet Isaac yesterday. Hopefully he will meet granny soon 🙂

Until Monday have a wonderful weekend! I will be spending some of it in VA Beach with Ed’s dad and brother Chris! I will get to the  beach for at least a moment. hmm maybe next time because I need to go to the Navy exchange 🙂

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