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37 weeks

I will be 38 weeks tomorrow! I’m so excited to hit that mark! I went to my midwife appointment which is always exciting but makes me nervous. The nurses were like your pulse is racing. I have a higher pulse anyways but I told them I was just nervous and wanted to see the midwife which I’m sure contributed to being higher than my usual. I walked into the exam room and she asked me “if” I wanted to be checked.

Let’s see 1st time mom..excited to meet her baby…YES I want to be checked.

I could care less it means nothing but some progress is something to be proud of right?

I am currently 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. I didn’t ask her what station the baby was at (too excited that something was actually going on) but she did say she felt the head which has to be a good sign that he is nice and low. I have been having a lot of BH’s so my body is working to open up. I don’t feel any pain in my pelvis and she said just to count my blessings. She did want to confirm his position so I did get an ultrasound that day! They don’t usually do that but she was confused on why I had two hard spots on the sides of my belly. Turned out his butt and his knee…but good baby boy is still posterior. Heads up with his little hand in a fist near his face…I’m hoping he decides to move that hand during pushing!

I have tried everything humanly possible to encourage him to move and he is stubborn like his momma so we will just have to go with the flow between now and his birthday! I am so excited to meet you baby and momma says she is ready whenever you are!

Totally off topic but I saw this app on a TV show Ed & I like to watch…it’s called Instagram on the iPhone. Polaroid and vintage is all the rage right now in photography! If you have an iPhone check it out. I get pretty bored waiting for appointments or just hanging out so here are a few shots!

Belly Shots…not exactly what that use to mean in my world

My funny little Chief! I miss you 🙂

2 out of 3 of my favorite men in my life (Isaac come join them)

showing some love to my MINI

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