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36.4 days

I had my 36 week midwife appointment. I was a little disappointed. I know in my head dilation means nothing as to when labor starts it would feel good to know where I’m at. If I am already dilated then it makes me excited that I have less to go in labor 🙂 Everyone wants the dilation to mean something but it just doesn’t! Since I already know this it doesn’t make me think that I will go into labor at a certain time or not. I honestly just need a soft and favorable cervix.(sorry TMI) This is what is really important to prevent induction in the future.

I had my group B strep test and went over my birth plan. I will find out the results next Thursday and hopefully get checked next week. OB’s and Midwives are very different. She may not check me…at all or I may get checked. NO worries I will be asking if I’m taking of my clothes when I get into the room! All mom’s at the Military hospitals are given a book that explains each visit and what they will do. It does say I get checked at this visit so maybe I will have more to tell next post!

I have had BH contractions for a couple of days now but they are irregular. I didn’t even know I was having them because earlier in my pregnancy I was having extreme cramping and stabbing pain in my belly. This was just a tightening and my tummy was in a ball so I just thought it was the baby moving in weird spots. I asked the Doctor and she said it was definitely BH and they should become more frequent as the days go on. I talk to the baby every day and tell him we are ready for him but honestly I’m not ready..not yet. I am now OCD with a list of chores and task for my husband and I to complete this weekend. I do believe I am starting nesting because I have the strange desire to scrub every inch of this house with a bucket and toothbrush. Ok…laugh it out! Those of you who know me know that I rather have a maid do everything rather than to clean anything in the house. Why am I afraid they won’t do it right? I have the ok (after much begging and pleading) to get a maid on a bi-weekly bases. I won that battle but now if I do have someone come over I can’t demand they do things..and how they do it. OR CAN I?

So here’s to me scrubbing the entire house with a bucket and toothbrush..I find it disgusting that I have a smile on my face right now!

You will never see this side of me again..well not until the next baby! Yes the next..I’m already thinking about the next~

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