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A Royal Affair

April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

For just a moment I forgot I was pregnant this morning.

I was also reminded that I am not a real princess!

But I am a lover of the Fascinator hat…I did wear one to my wedding.

I have always loved hats and wished in America we were a little more classy like the Brits.

Just like me pushing a pram…maybe I will just start wearing more hats!

Bridal Portraits

I love the Fascinator because it’s not your “Sunday” church hat. It’s hip..contemporary and is easy to show off your style.

I almost purchased a dozen of these hats at this hat shop..but I restrained myself!

At the Alter

Here is it in color!

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The end is near

April 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The end is indeed near! I am 39.2 days today. I had my 39 week midwife appointment. I met almost all of them. I am glad I saw this particular one because she was so positive and encouraging about everything that is going on with my body. I am 1cm/70%/-1. she said baby Isaac is really low and dropped a lot in 10 days. Last time I was -3 so I love to hear any change. She said that the effacement and station are more important than dilation. She also said be thankful for all those BH I get because my uterus is working and getting ready for the real thing! I kept thinking in the car I don’t have months anymore, I have days. I could still have weeks but I am just hoping he doesn’t wait that long! He has dropped so much since the last picture I took and I feel that he is now engaged. My feet and hands are now fat which I am not happy with but I was still able to wear my toe shoes to walk in so they can’t be but so swollen!

Baby Isaac,

Mommy & Daddy are so excited to meet you for the first time!

You are what we live for and can’t wait to hold you and give you lots of kisses!

I will endure the pain for you on your birth’s the least I could do

for such a little baby enduring so much to enter this world.

Don’t be scared because you have two strong parents to help you on your 1st day of life

and for the rest of it….

Come soon little one.

We love you.


Mommy & Daddy

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37 weeks

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

I will be 38 weeks tomorrow! I’m so excited to hit that mark! I went to my midwife appointment which is always exciting but makes me nervous. The nurses were like your pulse is racing. I have a higher pulse anyways but I told them I was just nervous and wanted to see the midwife which I’m sure contributed to being higher than my usual. I walked into the exam room and she asked me “if” I wanted to be checked.

Let’s see 1st time mom..excited to meet her baby…YES I want to be checked.

I could care less it means nothing but some progress is something to be proud of right?

I am currently 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. I didn’t ask her what station the baby was at (too excited that something was actually going on) but she did say she felt the head which has to be a good sign that he is nice and low. I have been having a lot of BH’s so my body is working to open up. I don’t feel any pain in my pelvis and she said just to count my blessings. She did want to confirm his position so I did get an ultrasound that day! They don’t usually do that but she was confused on why I had two hard spots on the sides of my belly. Turned out his butt and his knee…but good baby boy is still posterior. Heads up with his little hand in a fist near his face…I’m hoping he decides to move that hand during pushing!

I have tried everything humanly possible to encourage him to move and he is stubborn like his momma so we will just have to go with the flow between now and his birthday! I am so excited to meet you baby and momma says she is ready whenever you are!

Totally off topic but I saw this app on a TV show Ed & I like to watch…it’s called Instagram on the iPhone. Polaroid and vintage is all the rage right now in photography! If you have an iPhone check it out. I get pretty bored waiting for appointments or just hanging out so here are a few shots!

Belly Shots…not exactly what that use to mean in my world

My funny little Chief! I miss you 🙂

2 out of 3 of my favorite men in my life (Isaac come join them)

showing some love to my MINI

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36.4 days

I had my 36 week midwife appointment. I was a little disappointed. I know in my head dilation means nothing as to when labor starts it would feel good to know where I’m at. If I am already dilated then it makes me excited that I have less to go in labor 🙂 Everyone wants the dilation to mean something but it just doesn’t! Since I already know this it doesn’t make me think that I will go into labor at a certain time or not. I honestly just need a soft and favorable cervix.(sorry TMI) This is what is really important to prevent induction in the future.

I had my group B strep test and went over my birth plan. I will find out the results next Thursday and hopefully get checked next week. OB’s and Midwives are very different. She may not check me…at all or I may get checked. NO worries I will be asking if I’m taking of my clothes when I get into the room! All mom’s at the Military hospitals are given a book that explains each visit and what they will do. It does say I get checked at this visit so maybe I will have more to tell next post!

I have had BH contractions for a couple of days now but they are irregular. I didn’t even know I was having them because earlier in my pregnancy I was having extreme cramping and stabbing pain in my belly. This was just a tightening and my tummy was in a ball so I just thought it was the baby moving in weird spots. I asked the Doctor and she said it was definitely BH and they should become more frequent as the days go on. I talk to the baby every day and tell him we are ready for him but honestly I’m not ready..not yet. I am now OCD with a list of chores and task for my husband and I to complete this weekend. I do believe I am starting nesting because I have the strange desire to scrub every inch of this house with a bucket and toothbrush. Ok…laugh it out! Those of you who know me know that I rather have a maid do everything rather than to clean anything in the house. Why am I afraid they won’t do it right? I have the ok (after much begging and pleading) to get a maid on a bi-weekly bases. I won that battle but now if I do have someone come over I can’t demand they do things..and how they do it. OR CAN I?

So here’s to me scrubbing the entire house with a bucket and toothbrush..I find it disgusting that I have a smile on my face right now!

You will never see this side of me again..well not until the next baby! Yes the next..I’m already thinking about the next~

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36 weeks!!

I am 36 weeks! YAY! Only one more week until Isaac is considered full term! I’m so excited to meet him 🙂

I guess it’s time to pack a bag, put the car seat in the truck, do belly cast, and pray for an early/on time arrival!

I have been doing things to prepare for “labor”. I am a planner and I know you can’t plan labor but I can ease my anxiety by doing everything I need to do to be prepared!

1. Exercises..this is the week I start doing more pelvic rocks, inversions, rebozo etc. Baby boy is still Posterior haha so I don’t think he is going to move.

2. Red raspberry Leaf tea 1-2 cups per day. It helps strengthen the uterus and make contractions more efficient.

3. Chiropractor for Webster Technique. (If midwife says to keep it up after tomorrows visit). At this point my round ligament is loose and it worked but my  Pelvis just won’t stay aligned.

4. I feel like I have more to do than that but my Preggo brain is only working on half speed these days.

I think the extra shirt makes me look bigger. But I honestly don’t feel as big as I look.

36 + 1 day 😉

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