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Webster Technique

I went to the Chiropractor for the 1st time ever yesterday. I’m not sure if I’m more in love with the Dr or her dog (mini chief). I had said in my last post that I would let you know how that went. I had the Webster technique done. It used to be used to turn breeched babies but they found it also opens the pelvis for posterior babies as well. I also had my round ligament stretched (that hurt). It is so tight no wonder the baby can’t get over there. Ladies we have two on each side of our pelvis and the support the uterus. Your pelvis and round ligaments need to be balanced and loose (but not too loose). I will be going twice a week for the next four weeks to get the ligament stretched and my pelvis adjusted. My Dr (which is Lindsay’s Doc too) said that she went all natural and everything wasn’t as scary as people made it out to be! She said it was hard but it’s one day out of your life that you are giving to her child. I will ask her more questions each time I go since I am only there for 15 min. Oh and  her dog Winston..the cutest little Boston ever (I can say this because mine is a Frenchton and he is the cutest of that breed). He sat in my lap while I waited and gave me lots of doggie kisses! Then he was looking into her office at me while I got adjusted. I could just slip him in my purse! I should receive my Rebozo any day now. I will update you on that exercise. I am excited for Saturday because it’s my last meeting with my Doula! I will finalize my birth plan go over the labor plan and I will be ready (as I will ever be) to have baby Isaac!

Upate: If I had just checked the mail yesterday I would have seen that my Rebozo is here! I will update on how to use it!

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