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34 weeks

This past weekend I had my baby shower! Baby Isaac will now be able to have a bath, wear clothes and play. I thought I’m done right? No I woke up this morning with a running list of things I need to get these next couple of weeks to be “ready” although they aren’t that important and the baby will survive with out them.

I do feel like I have the “labor” under some control (as much as you can have). I have been doing lost of research on why my baby is Posterior. I signed up for a Spinning Baby conference call last night. Gail Tully of Spinning baby is sought after homebirth midwife and does training classes around the world.You can ask Gail questions about what is going on and she offers you help and what you can do. I am assuming most of the calls are about positioning for the mom’s and labor and delivery for the midwives and doulas. Her website is http://www.SpinningBabies.com. I am going to spare you the details of our full conversation but I will say this “positioning matters” if you are giving birth natural or with drugs. Women just assume that they just need to show up! Do your homework before you go into Labor because the more you know the better your decision making will be.  Ok just a bit of ramble back to what Gail said about my baby. He is indeed posterior but there is a reason why! what a reason? No one has given me a reason! You have ligaments in your uterus and mine are too tight on the left side. He stays on the right because that is where he can fit and stay comfy! Ok why couldn’t the 3 other professionals give me an answer like this?? So NOW I have the tools to correct this because it is not impossible. I have new daily exercises and I am going to get a chiropractor to help align my pelvis these next 6 weeks.

34 weeks.

Megan I know this has your face in but I wasn’t sure if it was one of the ones we approved or not so I cropped it just incase 🙂

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