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32 weeks

8 more weeks left..really? I feel like I was just taking a pregnancy test! I had my first visit with one of the midwives yesterday and it went exactly has expected! GREAT! I talked to her about the baby’s position and she did say I knew exactly where he was and that we should try to encourage him to move to the left. She agreed with the exercises and said we would check him out on my 36 week visit. She did tell me not to worry because if need be Labor will turn him. So all evening last night I was on all fours doing my Pelvic rocks for hours. Guess who found a new home? Isaac…he switched for most of the night. I think he is back to his favorite spot because he had hiccups this morning and a thought it was in the normal spot. I am also starting water aerobics and some other swimming exercises 3 times a week. Now that I know he will go over there I think I will be able to keep him there but if he is stubborn..I will be laboring on all fours for the majority of my labor. I am preparing myself for the possibility of back labor if he is still posterior in the last few weeks. I read a few birth stories and some were fast posterior births others were exactly what Bradley described. We watched a posterior labor and she didn’t look any worse off than any of the other labors. The first couple in our Bradley class had a baby! It was a girl and she was all natural. She had a quick labor. The father stopped in to drop off the borrowed material and we got a quick birth story I want to share. She didn’t have a 15 + hour labor ! I can’t remember the time she started 1st stage but her active 1st stage (the part were you really start working) started at 1 am and she gave birth at 6am! That’s Bradley and Doula’s at work! She had a very hard labor because it was so fast but I will take it! She had no episiotomy even though the baby came out with her hand at her face! AWESOME JOB! These are the type of birth stories you want to hear..8 weeks before you give birth. My midwife told me to think how I want my birth to go not how I hope it won’t go!

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