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Positioning…I never thought for birth it was a big deal unless a baby was breeched or transverse. I was wrong! I had been thinking thank goodness my baby isn’t breeched for the entire pregnancy (he was head down). Now I learn that he is on the incorrect side and not favorable for birth. I will not go into all the medical terms because it will just drive you nuts! Just know that your baby is “favorable” on the left side heads down and you will feel kicks on right side. This makes it so he just slips down the birth canal. My baby is on the right side and has to actual turn during labor and this process can take a LONG time and most exciting of all I would have back labor (being sarcastic). Honestly two things I didn’t want to here because I plan to have no drugs! I have 8 weeks or less to turn little Isaac to the left and to be honest he likes it on that side and he has NEVER been hanging on the left side of the womb..so I’m not counting on it but I will try. They say you should talk to your baby and encourage him to the position you want and there are exercises I must do every free moment to encourage his journey. I will also be praying to GOD that he turns before I go into labor because then all bets are off. I think this positioning doesn’t matter to people who will have drugs because they won’t feel all this moving and working the uterus has to do to make the baby turn.HE will turn it’s just that poor mommy will have very strong contractions, prolonged labor and a much harder time. Thank goodness Bradley class prepared us for the labor positions but I kept thinking I was safe! I have an appointment with my midwife this morning and will be discussing with her amongst other things the positioning of Isaac. I also think a Chiropractor might be able to help align the baby but I have to confirm. I would have never cared about my position and how it relates to labor without Bradley class. 2 points Bradley class.

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