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Kate Spade..Long lost love

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Today I write a different post! A song comes to mind when I think of KS!

I’ve been really tryin’, baby
Tryin’ to hold back this feelin’ for so long
And if you feel like I feel, baby
Then come on, oh, come on

Well I have to say I do love China and I love KS china more.

I haven’t checked out the website in a while but now that I have seen it…I might have to do some sneaky shopping to get my wish list!

My very first KS china pattern…Pompano Point! I also have the silverware to match but spoons..keep missing! (ED!) I have used it and I believe in using such pretty things! I need to have a dinner party of some sorts so I can get some use out of it. Although I find that people have no concept of how expense and how discontinued the china is (2 broken cups to prove it) so I hesitate people even touching it BUT I still use it and will give a polite reminder if anyone doesn’t know how to act!

I have a ton more KS china but I will not bore you with pictures of everything!

I have way to much of it because I use to work for Lenox..and I even restrained myself but now wishing I hadn’t. I miss that 50% + might be time to email the old boss again with a rather large order!

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Webster Technique

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I went to the Chiropractor for the 1st time ever yesterday. I’m not sure if I’m more in love with the Dr or her dog (mini chief). I had said in my last post that I would let you know how that went. I had the Webster technique done. It used to be used to turn breeched babies but they found it also opens the pelvis for posterior babies as well. I also had my round ligament stretched (that hurt). It is so tight no wonder the baby can’t get over there. Ladies we have two on each side of our pelvis and the support the uterus. Your pelvis and round ligaments need to be balanced and loose (but not too loose). I will be going twice a week for the next four weeks to get the ligament stretched and my pelvis adjusted. My Dr (which is Lindsay’s Doc too) said that she went all natural and everything wasn’t as scary as people made it out to be! She said it was hard but it’s one day out of your life that you are giving to her child. I will ask her more questions each time I go since I am only there for 15 min. Oh and  her dog Winston..the cutest little Boston ever (I can say this because mine is a Frenchton and he is the cutest of that breed). He sat in my lap while I waited and gave me lots of doggie kisses! Then he was looking into her office at me while I got adjusted. I could just slip him in my purse! I should receive my Rebozo any day now. I will update you on that exercise. I am excited for Saturday because it’s my last meeting with my Doula! I will finalize my birth plan go over the labor plan and I will be ready (as I will ever be) to have baby Isaac!

Upate: If I had just checked the mail yesterday I would have seen that my Rebozo is here! I will update on how to use it!

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34 weeks

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This past weekend I had my baby shower! Baby Isaac will now be able to have a bath, wear clothes and play. I thought I’m done right? No I woke up this morning with a running list of things I need to get these next couple of weeks to be “ready” although they aren’t that important and the baby will survive with out them.

I do feel like I have the “labor” under some control (as much as you can have). I have been doing lost of research on why my baby is Posterior. I signed up for a Spinning Baby conference call last night. Gail Tully of Spinning baby is sought after homebirth midwife and does training classes around the world.You can ask Gail questions about what is going on and she offers you help and what you can do. I am assuming most of the calls are about positioning for the mom’s and labor and delivery for the midwives and doulas. Her website is I am going to spare you the details of our full conversation but I will say this “positioning matters” if you are giving birth natural or with drugs. Women just assume that they just need to show up! Do your homework before you go into Labor because the more you know the better your decision making will be.  Ok just a bit of ramble back to what Gail said about my baby. He is indeed posterior but there is a reason why! what a reason? No one has given me a reason! You have ligaments in your uterus and mine are too tight on the left side. He stays on the right because that is where he can fit and stay comfy! Ok why couldn’t the 3 other professionals give me an answer like this?? So NOW I have the tools to correct this because it is not impossible. I have new daily exercises and I am going to get a chiropractor to help align my pelvis these next 6 weeks.

34 weeks.

Megan I know this has your face in but I wasn’t sure if it was one of the ones we approved or not so I cropped it just incase 🙂

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33 weeks

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I finally received my maternity photos…

Happy Girl…

I don’t know why but I love the shots with just the body!

Love this pram given to us from little man’s great-grands

mini beach at the Harbor

love this but swear I was sitting in some animal poop

Classic Shot

Just incase I fell in…

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32 weeks

8 more weeks left..really? I feel like I was just taking a pregnancy test! I had my first visit with one of the midwives yesterday and it went exactly has expected! GREAT! I talked to her about the baby’s position and she did say I knew exactly where he was and that we should try to encourage him to move to the left. She agreed with the exercises and said we would check him out on my 36 week visit. She did tell me not to worry because if need be Labor will turn him. So all evening last night I was on all fours doing my Pelvic rocks for hours. Guess who found a new home? Isaac…he switched for most of the night. I think he is back to his favorite spot because he had hiccups this morning and a thought it was in the normal spot. I am also starting water aerobics and some other swimming exercises 3 times a week. Now that I know he will go over there I think I will be able to keep him there but if he is stubborn..I will be laboring on all fours for the majority of my labor. I am preparing myself for the possibility of back labor if he is still posterior in the last few weeks. I read a few birth stories and some were fast posterior births others were exactly what Bradley described. We watched a posterior labor and she didn’t look any worse off than any of the other labors. The first couple in our Bradley class had a baby! It was a girl and she was all natural. She had a quick labor. The father stopped in to drop off the borrowed material and we got a quick birth story I want to share. She didn’t have a 15 + hour labor ! I can’t remember the time she started 1st stage but her active 1st stage (the part were you really start working) started at 1 am and she gave birth at 6am! That’s Bradley and Doula’s at work! She had a very hard labor because it was so fast but I will take it! She had no episiotomy even though the baby came out with her hand at her face! AWESOME JOB! These are the type of birth stories you want to hear..8 weeks before you give birth. My midwife told me to think how I want my birth to go not how I hope it won’t go!

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Positioning…I never thought for birth it was a big deal unless a baby was breeched or transverse. I was wrong! I had been thinking thank goodness my baby isn’t breeched for the entire pregnancy (he was head down). Now I learn that he is on the incorrect side and not favorable for birth. I will not go into all the medical terms because it will just drive you nuts! Just know that your baby is “favorable” on the left side heads down and you will feel kicks on right side. This makes it so he just slips down the birth canal. My baby is on the right side and has to actual turn during labor and this process can take a LONG time and most exciting of all I would have back labor (being sarcastic). Honestly two things I didn’t want to here because I plan to have no drugs! I have 8 weeks or less to turn little Isaac to the left and to be honest he likes it on that side and he has NEVER been hanging on the left side of the I’m not counting on it but I will try. They say you should talk to your baby and encourage him to the position you want and there are exercises I must do every free moment to encourage his journey. I will also be praying to GOD that he turns before I go into labor because then all bets are off. I think this positioning doesn’t matter to people who will have drugs because they won’t feel all this moving and working the uterus has to do to make the baby turn.HE will turn it’s just that poor mommy will have very strong contractions, prolonged labor and a much harder time. Thank goodness Bradley class prepared us for the labor positions but I kept thinking I was safe! I have an appointment with my midwife this morning and will be discussing with her amongst other things the positioning of Isaac. I also think a Chiropractor might be able to help align the baby but I have to confirm. I would have never cared about my position and how it relates to labor without Bradley class. 2 points Bradley class.

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