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30 weeks and excited more than ever

I have had a few rough weeks during this pregnancy. Dealing with anxiety is a daily struggle and for those of you that have it know what I am talking about. The smallest things trigger such a big reaction. The things that top it were my birth and my expectations for that day. I honestly feel safer to be in a hospital for having my 1st child.  I think it’s mostly anxiety of something going wrong during this birth. I had prayed about my upcoming birth and how I wanted it to be positive!

I believe that God gave me a little nudge last night when I received an email from my Doula. She had just attended a birth at my hospital and told me how amazing the staff and midwife were in this situation. I don’t have the full birth story but just to give you a little of what went on. This woman was induced with pitocin and was able to walk around and even eat! She was even able to give birth by using the side of the bed and was supported by the doula as she squatted during the “pushing stage”. The midwives caught the baby and then had her get onto the bed to hold her baby and do repair. Can we say awesome! She wasn’t forced to give birth in a bed and she was allowed to listen to her body! This is so refreshing to hear such a great natural birth story. I don’t think these stories happen often in a hospital. They will almost always end with some intervention. While this woman was induced she was still able to do to naturally! That is an awesome accomplishment for her and an inspiration to me that not all hope is lost! Giving birth naturally also runs in my family as I was born drug free. It gives me comfort knowing that it is how I entered the world! I have a great support system in place for the big day! I am so glad that God is answering my prayers and that I have a sense of calm about the birth of my baby boy! I will be so excited in 10 weeks to share my birth story with everyone!

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