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Looking Back…

It’s funny how things change. It is no mystery that I was serious shopaholic. I would dream and think about a handbag and clothing (specifically Milly) for hours and days until I just went and purchased it. I am now going to become a mommy and I’m obsessed with cloth diapers. I am going to back and explain that cloth diapers are cute, they have patterns, they are one of my new accessories. It was not all to long ago a Kate Spade, Marc or Louis was my accessory. I tried to find a Louis baby bag with no success. Those of you with a love for this brand..do not tell me they have one because well then I might have to get one. I can look back and remember I had a breakdown (with a shopaholic friend) in the middle of Bloomies because I couldn’t decide on a shoe…a probably $500 shoe. Oh and before you judge everyone has a materialistic item that they would spend half their paycheck on(car parts,camera’s etc)…mine just happened to be items I wore on my body! I had a pledge sister remind me of a story of our wild days at Radford. Here is the quote..and it was indeed very true.

You told me once that you wouldn’t have children because you would end up telling them “sorry honey, we are not going to Disney world this year. Mommy needs a new coach bag” lol…

I lol because COACH are you serious?? No worries Isaac if mom still had that taste we would go to Disney 3-4 times a year. Now he has to worry if Louis and Marc become regulars again…now those are “vacations” bags! I purchased my first Louis for my 25 Birthday and this year I will be 30 so it’s time for a treat! I am lucky my husband doesn’t care about me spending that much money on a bag as long as its not every month. He understands that 30 is kind of a big deal and that a new Louis is in order. Plus any man who walks into Tiffany and buys me mesh diamond earrings…well he won’t have a problem with Louis! Those of you who are still judging me or saying “wait until the baby comes you won’t want that stuff” doesn’t know Ashley McLaurin Vreeland. I know that I won’t want that stuff as much but don’t think that I won’t ever want it again because I will! I am sure all those cute designer baby cloths will be the death of me. Can you imagine the cute factor? Isaac will be styling with his mommy. I am now thankful I am not having a girl…enough said! I just thought of those judging people out there that would never spend $500 on shoes, or $1500 on a handbag. They always didn’t care about that stuff or want it but those of you who do know what it’s like to have such beautiful things to look at understand me. Now that I’m a mommy..my baby will always come 1st and those “beautiful” things I want will become a less frequent thing. I will just have to make it my life mission to win the lottery or go back to work!

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  1. February 15, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    As long as you can afford to do it all, then why not? Set money aside for college and take care of the baby, and if there’s extra… treat yourself every once in a while. Being a mommy is a big deal and it deserves a treat. We are the club of “not frumpy moms” and we will continue to be the best mommies ever…with style. 🙂

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