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Baby Snuggy

I am feeling quite crafty in my third trimester (started in my 2nd). I want to make some things for the upcoming arrival of my baby boy. I am not great at sewing in fact a pattern gives my anxiety (reading it..following it). I purchased some patterns and decided I was GOING to finish it. This leads me to a baby snuggy. Thats just fancy for a swaddling blanket you don’t have to fold! I started it 2 fridays ago when my sister was here. I thought I knew what to do and ending up seam ripping all of it because I got excited and over confident. After seam ripping Friday and all afternoon Saturday I finally figured out how to really make it (with the help of Linz of course). I can’t say I was entirely sure that it was correct but I was tired of worrying about so I just did it. Sunday morning I finished my first sewing project on my own. It still has errors but I know what I have to do to fix it for the next two I will be finishing up. I love sewing and I made my first dart the other day and I feel great. It wasn’t hard with the help of you-tube videos.  I am a visual person when it comes to learning something. I wish all sewing patterns came with a dvd..I would be a sewing pro in no time. My other projects include a simple baby quilt, a onesie, nursing cover, hospital gown,and cloth diapers. Yes cloth diapers! I finally found a website that has an “easy to read pattern” and tuturials so I am hoping I can figure this out! This week has been so crazy so I am hoping to finishes 1-2 projects per week and share start to finish how to complete on your own. AGAIN, I am not an expert but if it looks right to me then I did right. Here is the 1st present for my baby boy!

I notice everything wrong with it when I stare at it.

It has no darts (I was scared), The top is crooked and I still need to sew it shut on the side.

Oh, and the velcro needs to be way over, but I will just add more so that I don’t have to re-do it.

Can’t you imagine the cutest (hey I can say that) little baby in the snuggy in his bassinet?

I can but I will have to wait 12 more weeks. Plenty of time to complete all these projects!

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