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Labor Warnings

I posted this on my fb but I wanted to add the actual note my doula wrote on the yahoo group! Everyone likes smart water right? It contains electrolytes and well taste pretty darn good. If you are preggers stay away from this water..if you are due and wonder why it hasn’t started? This was on my doulas fb page:

Have your clients avoid Dasani or Smart Water or any other water that contains Magnesium Slufate or Magnesium Chloride, both will halt contractions and not allow Braxton-Hicks. Also avoid TSP Trisodium Phosphate. It is litteraly a floor cleaner you can buy off the shelf at Lowes. It’s found in foods like Chex Snack mix to make it “crunchy”. It’s not in their chocolate line, but in everything else. READ YOUR LABELS.

Also this note below was on yahoo group. This is from her experience!

I just attended a 24hr birth on Monday-Tues 3:30am-3:30am. And it was an hours drive. *sigh* So when I get the call she tells me ctx are 2-3min apart and ROM. I told her to give me a call after she’s been admited and checked out. (She was maybe 1cm the day before) She gets checked in and later texts me she’s at 3cm and ctx are 2-3min apart. I normaly wait till active labor, since it’s about 2:30am and 0-4 can take hours. I like to be better rested when the client really would need me.
>I do the 45min-1hr drive over. Ctx are 5-10min apart. We wait hours, walking, resting, accupresure points, drinking plenty of fluids, peeing, etc. The Dr, who I really like, comes in at 12pm to check her. She feels she’s at 1-2cm and she should go on pit. She said ctx going backwards doesn’t usualy occur. Before this occured I read the label of her SMART WATER. I was very upset.
>She brought her own water in since it had great electrolytes. It also has Magnesium Chloride!!!! Magnesium haults or slows labor. Make sure to tell your clients Smart Water is a stupid thing to consume while in labor.
>Just something to add to the books.
Well there you have it…stay away and if you are drinking it now stop! I was warned about this at the beginning of my pregnancy (thank god). The last thing I would need is labor to stop or even worse reverse 😦
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