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The iPhone up at 3am I’m crazy story….

It is currently 2:43 am and I’m up. NO not because I can’t sleep but the iPhone on Verizon goes on sale at 3 am. It all started last year around October when my husband says he has had it with At&t and wants to switch to Verizon to get the droid x. I told him I would stay with my iPhone with no service and he can go and get his precious droid x. Long story short it was going to cost a lot of money for us to have two separate phone bills so I caved. I warned him that if iPhone went to Verizon I was going to get the phone.

So here we are…2:47 a.m. waiting to preorder my beloved iPhone. I did this with the iPad except for it was midnight…still no update on the apple store website so I call. I was then informed that I had to be back at 8 a.m. to order online. I went back to sleep and was back up at 7:50 refreshing the screen every second. Finally 8 sharp the website is live and I freeze. Oh shit I can order now…I do..I feel great..and a week later I had the iPad (which didn’t even get used until a couple of weeks late because I was scared I would break it).

It’s 2:50 a.m. and the baby is kicking in excitement…well he can feel my excitement and it makes him excited. He has no idea why I’m up and moving so he is probably freaking out. I check verizon again and behold I can preorder. I log in…I log in again..PASSWORD FAIL. My account is now locked its now 3:03 am. I go upstairs and scream my sleeping husband. He is groggy doesn’t know the password. He changed it one day and now can’t remember the password. I call verizon to reset..well they don’t reset in the middle of the night. I stomp and scream…like a 3 year old and told him he has ruined my life. He wakes up tries to trouble shoot..its now 3:30 am. I call again and again and also refreshing apple’s site. Then I call apple…they had a system crash before 3 a.m. because of all the people refreshing the f’ing screen. They can’t even phone order…”call back an hour”I get..I’m crushed. I try one more time to refresh before I retreat….the site is LIVE. I order and do they iPhone dance. My husband comes down and is happy that I got the phone so he doesn’t have to hear my mouth. We go to bed at 3:50. I wake up at 9:30 a.m. with the apple store receipt lying next to me.

I am crazy.

I’m Pregnant but probably not why I’m crazy.

The End.

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