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Somethings Different..

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

I have noticed something different about my belly for the past week. I just felt it wasn’t looking the same. I asked my husband and his response was oh your not fat its just baby. That is not what I meant but its his catch phrase so that he doesn’t make me upset. I then said to him “the baby looks low”…”remember it use to be up here and be a resting spot for my boobs?”. He then says yeah he looks like he is down there. (Men!?!). I felt like it’s way to soon for him to drop so I thought. I asked in Bradley class because my midwife appointment is a week away. The Bradley instructor said that was GREAT and it can happen this soon and he could drop again closer to my due date! Hooray for baby being ready to come out. I wonder if this means he will come early? I am ready for you little man but just come around week 37 so your lungs are nice and strong! I am glad that he is head down and thats one less thing I have to worry about! I can’t believe in 9 short weeks I will be holding a baby!!!!

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30 weeks and excited more than ever

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I have had a few rough weeks during this pregnancy. Dealing with anxiety is a daily struggle and for those of you that have it know what I am talking about. The smallest things trigger such a big reaction. The things that top it were my birth and my expectations for that day. I honestly feel safer to be in a hospital for having my 1st child.  I think it’s mostly anxiety of something going wrong during this birth. I had prayed about my upcoming birth and how I wanted it to be positive!

I believe that God gave me a little nudge last night when I received an email from my Doula. She had just attended a birth at my hospital and told me how amazing the staff and midwife were in this situation. I don’t have the full birth story but just to give you a little of what went on. This woman was induced with pitocin and was able to walk around and even eat! She was even able to give birth by using the side of the bed and was supported by the doula as she squatted during the “pushing stage”. The midwives caught the baby and then had her get onto the bed to hold her baby and do repair. Can we say awesome! She wasn’t forced to give birth in a bed and she was allowed to listen to her body! This is so refreshing to hear such a great natural birth story. I don’t think these stories happen often in a hospital. They will almost always end with some intervention. While this woman was induced she was still able to do to naturally! That is an awesome accomplishment for her and an inspiration to me that not all hope is lost! Giving birth naturally also runs in my family as I was born drug free. It gives me comfort knowing that it is how I entered the world! I have a great support system in place for the big day! I am so glad that God is answering my prayers and that I have a sense of calm about the birth of my baby boy! I will be so excited in 10 weeks to share my birth story with everyone!

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Looking Back…

February 15, 2011 1 comment

It’s funny how things change. It is no mystery that I was serious shopaholic. I would dream and think about a handbag and clothing (specifically Milly) for hours and days until I just went and purchased it. I am now going to become a mommy and I’m obsessed with cloth diapers. I am going to back and explain that cloth diapers are cute, they have patterns, they are one of my new accessories. It was not all to long ago a Kate Spade, Marc or Louis was my accessory. I tried to find a Louis baby bag with no success. Those of you with a love for this not tell me they have one because well then I might have to get one. I can look back and remember I had a breakdown (with a shopaholic friend) in the middle of Bloomies because I couldn’t decide on a shoe…a probably $500 shoe. Oh and before you judge everyone has a materialistic item that they would spend half their paycheck on(car parts,camera’s etc)…mine just happened to be items I wore on my body! I had a pledge sister remind me of a story of our wild days at Radford. Here is the quote..and it was indeed very true.

You told me once that you wouldn’t have children because you would end up telling them “sorry honey, we are not going to Disney world this year. Mommy needs a new coach bag” lol…

I lol because COACH are you serious?? No worries Isaac if mom still had that taste we would go to Disney 3-4 times a year. Now he has to worry if Louis and Marc become regulars again…now those are “vacations” bags! I purchased my first Louis for my 25 Birthday and this year I will be 30 so it’s time for a treat! I am lucky my husband doesn’t care about me spending that much money on a bag as long as its not every month. He understands that 30 is kind of a big deal and that a new Louis is in order. Plus any man who walks into Tiffany and buys me mesh diamond earrings…well he won’t have a problem with Louis! Those of you who are still judging me or saying “wait until the baby comes you won’t want that stuff” doesn’t know Ashley McLaurin Vreeland. I know that I won’t want that stuff as much but don’t think that I won’t ever want it again because I will! I am sure all those cute designer baby cloths will be the death of me. Can you imagine the cute factor? Isaac will be styling with his mommy. I am now thankful I am not having a girl…enough said! I just thought of those judging people out there that would never spend $500 on shoes, or $1500 on a handbag. They always didn’t care about that stuff or want it but those of you who do know what it’s like to have such beautiful things to look at understand me. Now that I’m a baby will always come 1st and those “beautiful” things I want will become a less frequent thing. I will just have to make it my life mission to win the lottery or go back to work!

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Baby Snuggy

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

I am feeling quite crafty in my third trimester (started in my 2nd). I want to make some things for the upcoming arrival of my baby boy. I am not great at sewing in fact a pattern gives my anxiety (reading it..following it). I purchased some patterns and decided I was GOING to finish it. This leads me to a baby snuggy. Thats just fancy for a swaddling blanket you don’t have to fold! I started it 2 fridays ago when my sister was here. I thought I knew what to do and ending up seam ripping all of it because I got excited and over confident. After seam ripping Friday and all afternoon Saturday I finally figured out how to really make it (with the help of Linz of course). I can’t say I was entirely sure that it was correct but I was tired of worrying about so I just did it. Sunday morning I finished my first sewing project on my own. It still has errors but I know what I have to do to fix it for the next two I will be finishing up. I love sewing and I made my first dart the other day and I feel great. It wasn’t hard with the help of you-tube videos.  I am a visual person when it comes to learning something. I wish all sewing patterns came with a dvd..I would be a sewing pro in no time. My other projects include a simple baby quilt, a onesie, nursing cover, hospital gown,and cloth diapers. Yes cloth diapers! I finally found a website that has an “easy to read pattern” and tuturials so I am hoping I can figure this out! This week has been so crazy so I am hoping to finishes 1-2 projects per week and share start to finish how to complete on your own. AGAIN, I am not an expert but if it looks right to me then I did right. Here is the 1st present for my baby boy!

I notice everything wrong with it when I stare at it.

It has no darts (I was scared), The top is crooked and I still need to sew it shut on the side.

Oh, and the velcro needs to be way over, but I will just add more so that I don’t have to re-do it.

Can’t you imagine the cutest (hey I can say that) little baby in the snuggy in his bassinet?

I can but I will have to wait 12 more weeks. Plenty of time to complete all these projects!

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Labor Warnings

February 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I posted this on my fb but I wanted to add the actual note my doula wrote on the yahoo group! Everyone likes smart water right? It contains electrolytes and well taste pretty darn good. If you are preggers stay away from this water..if you are due and wonder why it hasn’t started? This was on my doulas fb page:

Have your clients avoid Dasani or Smart Water or any other water that contains Magnesium Slufate or Magnesium Chloride, both will halt contractions and not allow Braxton-Hicks. Also avoid TSP Trisodium Phosphate. It is litteraly a floor cleaner you can buy off the shelf at Lowes. It’s found in foods like Chex Snack mix to make it “crunchy”. It’s not in their chocolate line, but in everything else. READ YOUR LABELS.

Also this note below was on yahoo group. This is from her experience!

I just attended a 24hr birth on Monday-Tues 3:30am-3:30am. And it was an hours drive. *sigh* So when I get the call she tells me ctx are 2-3min apart and ROM. I told her to give me a call after she’s been admited and checked out. (She was maybe 1cm the day before) She gets checked in and later texts me she’s at 3cm and ctx are 2-3min apart. I normaly wait till active labor, since it’s about 2:30am and 0-4 can take hours. I like to be better rested when the client really would need me.
>I do the 45min-1hr drive over. Ctx are 5-10min apart. We wait hours, walking, resting, accupresure points, drinking plenty of fluids, peeing, etc. The Dr, who I really like, comes in at 12pm to check her. She feels she’s at 1-2cm and she should go on pit. She said ctx going backwards doesn’t usualy occur. Before this occured I read the label of her SMART WATER. I was very upset.
>She brought her own water in since it had great electrolytes. It also has Magnesium Chloride!!!! Magnesium haults or slows labor. Make sure to tell your clients Smart Water is a stupid thing to consume while in labor.
>Just something to add to the books.
Well there you have it…stay away and if you are drinking it now stop! I was warned about this at the beginning of my pregnancy (thank god). The last thing I would need is labor to stop or even worse reverse 😦
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The iPhone up at 3am I’m crazy story….

February 3, 2011 Leave a comment

It is currently 2:43 am and I’m up. NO not because I can’t sleep but the iPhone on Verizon goes on sale at 3 am. It all started last year around October when my husband says he has had it with At&t and wants to switch to Verizon to get the droid x. I told him I would stay with my iPhone with no service and he can go and get his precious droid x. Long story short it was going to cost a lot of money for us to have two separate phone bills so I caved. I warned him that if iPhone went to Verizon I was going to get the phone.

So here we are…2:47 a.m. waiting to preorder my beloved iPhone. I did this with the iPad except for it was midnight…still no update on the apple store website so I call. I was then informed that I had to be back at 8 a.m. to order online. I went back to sleep and was back up at 7:50 refreshing the screen every second. Finally 8 sharp the website is live and I freeze. Oh shit I can order now…I do..I feel great..and a week later I had the iPad (which didn’t even get used until a couple of weeks late because I was scared I would break it).

It’s 2:50 a.m. and the baby is kicking in excitement…well he can feel my excitement and it makes him excited. He has no idea why I’m up and moving so he is probably freaking out. I check verizon again and behold I can preorder. I log in…I log in again..PASSWORD FAIL. My account is now locked its now 3:03 am. I go upstairs and scream my sleeping husband. He is groggy doesn’t know the password. He changed it one day and now can’t remember the password. I call verizon to reset..well they don’t reset in the middle of the night. I stomp and scream…like a 3 year old and told him he has ruined my life. He wakes up tries to trouble shoot..its now 3:30 am. I call again and again and also refreshing apple’s site. Then I call apple…they had a system crash before 3 a.m. because of all the people refreshing the f’ing screen. They can’t even phone order…”call back an hour”I get..I’m crushed. I try one more time to refresh before I retreat….the site is LIVE. I order and do they iPhone dance. My husband comes down and is happy that I got the phone so he doesn’t have to hear my mouth. We go to bed at 3:50. I wake up at 9:30 a.m. with the apple store receipt lying next to me.

I am crazy.

I’m Pregnant but probably not why I’m crazy.

The End.

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