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26 weeks

I have not been blogging because I have been battling something way more epic…sinus infection/URI (upper respiratory infection). I am finally feeling like myself. I honestly thought morning sickness was the worst I would ever feel.WRONG. The sinus pressure was unlike anything I have ever had before. I did go to the doctor but he said “there’s nothing I can do” but the baby is doing great! Thanks…I did need some reassurance that my baby wasn’t suffering. Lucky for us moms we do all the suffering for our little ones (now and for the rest of their lives). This week was also great because the baby is moving more than usual. I’m not sure if he was just letting me know he’s alive while I slowly die from a stuffy nose or that it’s just him getting stronger and bigger. He has this way of letting me know at night that he doesn’t like the side I lay on by stretching his legs into my ribs and his little hands on the other side making it impossible to stay sleeping. I know this because as soon as a roll over he goes back into a ball and I can breathe deeper. I could say that I am annoyed but I am more amused. He also has decided he will only move for the dog barks and not the sound of his mommy and daddy. Fine be that way..Chief will just have to bark on command when I want you to move for someone. Something a little more epic…3d/4d ultrasound this Saturday. I am hoping that he shows us his sweet face šŸ™‚

My basketball baby šŸ™‚

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