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Cool Baby Things

I just thought I would share with you some of my favorite baby gadgets, clothing etc for babies. I have purchased these items to use when the baby comes! I will put them in categories so it’s not a bunch of random sites and I will try and get pictures too.


Bebe au lait: Nursing covers. They come in really cute and stylish fabrics! They sell them at babies Ā r us and buy buy baby as well as online.


Breast Pump: Simplisse was my choice. It has gotten rav reviews and the main reason I chose it was because it mimics baby’s and it doesn’t tug or pull. I opted for the manual pump because I plan to breastfeed exclusively. I found the pump on http://www.diapers.com for $14.99 and it’s regularly $39. I thought it was clearance but I just checked and it’s back up to originial price. I also purchased extra collection bottles etc.


ok enough about boobies…on to Diapers!

I know that I went on a rant awhile ago about me using cloth diapers… I received much resistance to this from the family so I was in search for a sutiable alternative for when the baby is with them. I have purchased GroVia cloth diapers from diaper junction and stumbled upon their disposable diaper. So those of you out there that want to use disposable I urge you to check out the GroVia Biodiaper. It is a a fully compostable diaper which is GREAT for the environment. It has gotten great reviews and I will be using these as well. You can get them at a discount at costco.com but can also be purchased at http://www.grovia.com or my fav http://www.diaperjunction.com.


This kind of goes with diapering and its baby leggings. Baby Isaac has 8 pairs already and I just checked the sight and they have even more! Why baby leggings?? Well it makes it so much easier to change a diaper because you don’t have to get their legs out and it keeps them warm too. Also when they are crawlers it will help protect their knees..oh and they are cute! http://www.huggalugsusa.com


These are the sock monkey ones I need to order šŸ™‚ the girl ones are soo cute! maybe next baby šŸ™‚

I will try and update all my baby finds frequently. I always find cool stuff for the boo boo and will share!

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