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New and Old

I did a couple of new things this week. I finally used my new Canon 60d Camera, purchased an antique desk, chair and dresser (for baby’s room). Oh and my husband is painting the baby’s room as I type. I can’t even believe how awesome my camera is! I can’t wait until baby Isaac is born because he is going to get a ton of photo’s taken! That was the new things but what is old is my antique purchases and my baby pram! I can’t wait to use it. Practical to some no..but to me it is the ‘Bentley’ of baby rides. I am not one just to have a regular stroller..they are boring and no one pays any attention to them. I have never seen anyone use a pram anywhere…so I think it might be a head turner(If you know me, you know I love attention). Since my husband thinks that pram is too girly we purchased a baby jogger stroller in orange and grey. I will get a good couple of months out of this pram until baby Isaac learns to sit up and then I can switch it to the toddler seat. I will mainly use it for walks because the suspension on this thing is awesome (told you it was a Bentley) and I can do my daily walks and keep the baby asleep! I will get better pictures when I make my hubs drag it down the stairs and outside. I tried to put Chief in it but he freaked out but the cat loves it (go figure)!

As you can see my cat Harley is wanting to get in it and sleep…which he does so now I keep it locked up.

My new iMac with my Antique Desk and Chair!

I may end up painting the desk Tiffany’s Blue but the white is nice for now.

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  1. Annie
    January 9, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    keep all of your baby stuff & maybe one day i can use it 😉 love you. love your blog. xoxo

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