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27 weeks

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear sweet baby boy,

I never imagined in a million years that I would get a sneak peak to see what you look like. Thanks to technology today I saw you as a real baby. I knew you were real but to now see how you have my nose and my frown. You gave us 71 beautiful pictures of your sweet face. I cried as soon as I saw you because it was were mine. Your only 27 weeks and you have a ways to go but now I can look at these pictures and imagine you in my arms. You are such a little ham and thanks for the thumbs up! Sometimes even mommy’s need it. I love you more than any words.


Your momma

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26 weeks

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

I have not been blogging because I have been battling something way more epic…sinus infection/URI (upper respiratory infection). I am finally feeling like myself. I honestly thought morning sickness was the worst I would ever feel.WRONG. The sinus pressure was unlike anything I have ever had before. I did go to the doctor but he said “there’s nothing I can do” but the baby is doing great! Thanks…I did need some reassurance that my baby wasn’t suffering. Lucky for us moms we do all the suffering for our little ones (now and for the rest of their lives). This week was also great because the baby is moving more than usual. I’m not sure if he was just letting me know he’s alive while I slowly die from a stuffy nose or that it’s just him getting stronger and bigger. He has this way of letting me know at night that he doesn’t like the side I lay on by stretching his legs into my ribs and his little hands on the other side making it impossible to stay sleeping. I know this because as soon as a roll over he goes back into a ball and I can breathe deeper. I could say that I am annoyed but I am more amused. He also has decided he will only move for the dog barks and not the sound of his mommy and daddy. Fine be that way..Chief will just have to bark on command when I want you to move for someone. Something a little more epic…3d/4d ultrasound this Saturday. I am hoping that he shows us his sweet face 🙂

My basketball baby 🙂

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Cool Baby Things

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

I just thought I would share with you some of my favorite baby gadgets, clothing etc for babies. I have purchased these items to use when the baby comes! I will put them in categories so it’s not a bunch of random sites and I will try and get pictures too.


Bebe au lait: Nursing covers. They come in really cute and stylish fabrics! They sell them at babies  r us and buy buy baby as well as online.

Breast Pump: Simplisse was my choice. It has gotten rav reviews and the main reason I chose it was because it mimics baby’s and it doesn’t tug or pull. I opted for the manual pump because I plan to breastfeed exclusively. I found the pump on for $14.99 and it’s regularly $39. I thought it was clearance but I just checked and it’s back up to originial price. I also purchased extra collection bottles etc.


ok enough about boobies…on to Diapers!

I know that I went on a rant awhile ago about me using cloth diapers… I received much resistance to this from the family so I was in search for a sutiable alternative for when the baby is with them. I have purchased GroVia cloth diapers from diaper junction and stumbled upon their disposable diaper. So those of you out there that want to use disposable I urge you to check out the GroVia Biodiaper. It is a a fully compostable diaper which is GREAT for the environment. It has gotten great reviews and I will be using these as well. You can get them at a discount at but can also be purchased at or my fav


This kind of goes with diapering and its baby leggings. Baby Isaac has 8 pairs already and I just checked the sight and they have even more! Why baby leggings?? Well it makes it so much easier to change a diaper because you don’t have to get their legs out and it keeps them warm too. Also when they are crawlers it will help protect their knees..oh and they are cute!


These are the sock monkey ones I need to order 🙂 the girl ones are soo cute! maybe next baby 🙂

I will try and update all my baby finds frequently. I always find cool stuff for the boo boo and will share!

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Baby it’s cold outside

January 12, 2011 1 comment

I thought I would just share with you some of my favorite photos that Ed, Chief and I took at Byrd Park with Kristin Partin (of KristinPartin Photography). Enjoy!

Poppin his collar

I can feel the love through this picture!

My Baby & I

Chief your a model….

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New and Old

January 9, 2011 1 comment

I did a couple of new things this week. I finally used my new Canon 60d Camera, purchased an antique desk, chair and dresser (for baby’s room). Oh and my husband is painting the baby’s room as I type. I can’t even believe how awesome my camera is! I can’t wait until baby Isaac is born because he is going to get a ton of photo’s taken! That was the new things but what is old is my antique purchases and my baby pram! I can’t wait to use it. Practical to some no..but to me it is the ‘Bentley’ of baby rides. I am not one just to have a regular stroller..they are boring and no one pays any attention to them. I have never seen anyone use a pram anywhere…so I think it might be a head turner(If you know me, you know I love attention). Since my husband thinks that pram is too girly we purchased a baby jogger stroller in orange and grey. I will get a good couple of months out of this pram until baby Isaac learns to sit up and then I can switch it to the toddler seat. I will mainly use it for walks because the suspension on this thing is awesome (told you it was a Bentley) and I can do my daily walks and keep the baby asleep! I will get better pictures when I make my hubs drag it down the stairs and outside. I tried to put Chief in it but he freaked out but the cat loves it (go figure)!

As you can see my cat Harley is wanting to get in it and sleep…which he does so now I keep it locked up.

My new iMac with my Antique Desk and Chair!

I may end up painting the desk Tiffany’s Blue but the white is nice for now.

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Orea Pie

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I have been craving oreos and trying not to eat just oreos…so I made a pie

This is all you will need to make the pie.

In a large bowl mix Jell-O orea pudding Mix, 2.5 c of milk. Wisk for 2 min

Now add half the tub of cool whip. Mix as well as you can.

Put in the fridge for 4 hours to set! Again I can’t wait so I cleaned the bowl and had a slice 3 hours later!

Still not set but I couldn’t wait…Top the rest of the pie with cool whip when set and decorate with Oreo’s~


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Baby Safety..what no one ever told me!

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I started to write this post several times today and got distracted (errands,lunch,nap,dinner)! Ed and I went to a baby safety class yesterday and really we just wanted the free gifts. I honestly thought that I knew what was safe for my baby..I mean it’s common sense right…wrong. I will start off with the most shocking and work myself to the least!

The first thing was CRIBS. I knew some things but did you know that all cribs now a days are made with plastic pieces holding them together? Are you kidding plastic is cheap and it fails. I thought that my Pottery Barn crib was not made with plastics and of course it wouldn’t be Recalled. The government requires companies to report recalls but they can still sell the items. My beloved expense pottery barn crib was recalled but still on sale. When you go to buy the crib it doesn’t say it’s recalled but if you go to safety recalls at the bottom of the web page and search recalled items its pictured. WTF? I was furious and the crib was returned. I can’t believe that they would sell a recalled item to the public! The recall eggs,milk, and meat and take it out of the store but you can go into any baby store and get a recalled crib. Apparently, it is up to the parents to check each baby item purchased and see if it is recalled. I thought that if it was in the store then it was safe..WRONG. If you are pregnant and purchased items please check the company it see if it is recalled and why. My crib caused the following things: Entrapment, Suffocation or Fall Hazard. To make matters worse 4 out of 19 cribs are still being sold. Also I didn’t know that all the bedding..I mean all but the sheets have to come off to put the newborn baby in. What? I’m working hard for this nursery to look pretty and I have to strip down the bedding? Another thing that I wouldn’t have taken off without this class. I knew no pillows but no bumper pads… nothing but sheets and your baby. (Check the American Academy of Peds website) I will add if you live in Cali or Washington state you have a lot more regulations on crib sales.(lucky y’all)! There is a lot more safety info so if you are interested just message me because I could write a book!

The next thing is car seats. What I didn’t know is that you can’t carry the seat by the handle past 10lbs. Why you ask? Because it’s plastic,that’s why! Plastics expand and contract and weaken after use. I see mom’s everyday carry a baby that is way bigger than 10lbs by that handle and if they knew it could break and there child could be injured then I doubt they would do it. I am not one to read any fine print of anything so..I would have missed that IF it’s even written in the instruction manual. Also car seats come if an expiration date! Yes..if you have a car seat with NO expiration date then it’s expired. I will update you to tell you if my brand new seat has one! The woman next to me was on her 2nd child and said that her seat has one.

The next thing is Baby walkers. Honestly I thought those things went extinct..haha but apparently the US is the only country who still makes and purchases these walkers. Canada has outlawed it and you can get something like 100k fine and jail time if you are caught with it over the border or in your house. Many groups (pediatric,medical etc) have been trying to outlaw baby walkers since 1992. I’m not going to go into to much detail with this but basically it hinders your child’s ability to actual walk by causing improper muscle development. It can also cause bowleggedness and pigeon-toedness. I never wanted these things but why risk these things anyways! The same thing also happens with the baby saucers (it was the companies trying to solve issue that baby walkers caused). The baby saucers can foster bad posture and weaken back and stomach muscles and even delay walking. They also have a disclaimer or warning that says the baby can only be in the walker or saucer for 20 min a day. (It is not a babysitter) Again..I thought those things were stupid so I wasn’t going to buy another $100-$200 toy to take up space!

The last thing…is High Chairs! It’s basically a baby death trap! They are again made of plastics and can tip over due to the high center of gravity. Also kids get out of them!

Finally of course with all this free safety they have to sell you something. I am the first ones to walk out when people start selling but I still wanted that free gift. The baby safety course endorsed 2 companies that do a great job and baby safety and have had no RECALLS EVER! The first one is Babee Tenda. We purchased the crib and this cute feeding table. The company was founded in 1937 and is made in the good old USA!! I love supporting american made goods and it has had no safety issues ever! The design is the same as it was in the 30’s so it’s not as cute as some of those plastic devices but I am happy to know my child is safe. I encourage you to look at the site but unfortunately you can’t purchase on their website :(. There is a contact form that you can ask them who you can purchase from. Amazon and yahoo do sell them but we paid WAY less than what was listed. $599 for the crib WITH mattress and $350 for the table. Also another good thing to purchase is the Baby monitor by hi-sense. It comes with 2 pads that go under the sheets or one for the bassinet. These pads detect your baby’s movement and heart rate. The alarm goes off if you baby’s heart beat is less than 20 bpm (not sure if this is exact) or there is no movement within 20 sec or 10 micro movements per min. I had never heard of this company and we did register for a product like this but the pad is so small. This is nice because they are large and cover the crib down the middle.

I hope that you learned something that you didn’t know! I know everyone wants what is best for your baby! Check your products and make sure they are not recalled. It is up to us as parents to be on top of this! Happy New Year everyone!

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