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Baby Bums

I knew well before my pregnancy after much research that I wanted to cloth diaper my baby. I looked into diaper services but it will be cheaper to do it on my own. I have purchased several types of cloth diapers just so that I can find out what is right for me. One type I purchased is gDiapers (which I am most excited about using). gDiapers is a what they call a hybrid diaper. This means you can use biodegradable disposable inserts or cloth inserts. I figured it would be easiest to use the disposable while I am out with the baby vs carrying a “dirty” bag. My mom has said she refuses to use cloth diapers. I told her over my dead body will this baby have non-breathable plastic on his cute little tush! Baby’s get really bad diaper rashes with disposables and not to mention in a year these dirty things will be still be hanging around our earth.  Some people say I am wasting water but I think it’s better than putting diapers in landfills. I am also using the old-fashioned pre-folds as well. I have been making my husband practice on a teddy bear. I am sure he won’t be changing that many diapers so I’m not worried about him trying to fold them. I have been watching a ton of you tube videos on how to fold them and I must say I am a pro! My parents said they tried to cloth diaper me but it was gross and smelled. It is now 2010 and they have solved that problem with all sorts of neat things! Some people ask me what if it doesn’t work? Well it’s not rocket science and it isn’t an option for me not to make it work. On a much more excited note…Isaac is a ham in the womb. He is the funniest little baby and I can’t help but laugh when we see him on ultrasound! We could never get him to look at us and when he would he had his hands spread over his face! He spent most of his time with his back to us which made it hard for the tech to get good pictures of anything. Ed & I are getting 3d/4d the end of January. I can’t wait!!!  He is almost a pound and that’s so exciting! I leave you with my “Rants and Ravs” of this week!

Rants: Workers who left my gate open and then chief went exploring the neighborhood. A. I’m not sure why you are back there. B. Shut the f**** gate if you were.

Ravs: My 20 week ultrasound and seeing my baby boy and confirming its still boy. 🙂

I can’t wait to see his little tushy in these newborn gDiapers

See fun colors for da boo boo!

Me at 21 wks 2 days

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