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Halfway there

I am officially 20 weeks and 2 days and halfway through my pregnancy! I never thought I would get here. I feel like now the real work starts..nursery,childbirth classes,tour of hospital etc. I am really excited to get things started. Baby Isaac is moving more and more and I can’t wait until Ed and my sister can feel him kicking. He is a very active baby in there and I can’t imagine what he must be thinking in there. I know I wish I could be warm in someone’s tummy with room service. My sister keeps telling me “I’m huge” but I don’t feel too big and my doctor says I’m gaining just the right amount of weight! I’m starting to walk more to offset some of my cravings for not so healthy foods (nachos,wings,french fries) that I won’t give up!  I have also started to think of what I will be doing (work wise) after Isaac is born. I need to start building a business of myself. I want something that will allow me to stay at home with my baby and also have a successful career. I know lots of mom’s do it and are very successful. I will have to start thinking about this seriously the next few months because once the baby is here I know I will lose focus. I leave you with my 20 week survey!

How far along?:  20 weeks
How big is baby?: As long as a banana!
Weight gain?: 13 lbs
Stretch marks?: no thank god!
Sleep?: Well I don’t get any because I get up a dozen times for the bathroom
Best moment this week?: Finding out the baby is healthy (16 wk screening was normal)
Food cravings?: rice krispy treats
Movement?: Morning and evening..I think he naps all day!
Ravs: Getting positive support from my doctor and staff

Rants: People who have to comment on my choice for natural birth. Nothing is going to scare me into drugs! I get it from everyone no matter where I am. The first thing that comes out of people’s mouth is “wow it looks like that baby is going to be big” and the second thing is “your going to have drugs,right?”. Of course I say no and it is as if I killed there dog. From now on I’m not explaining myself and defending my decisions, I am just going to walk way. This is what is best FOR ME and my BABY! A year ago, I would have said give me drugs until the second I got pregnant.  I realized that I didn’t want anything to do with it. I’m pretty strong minded when it comes to the subject so if you can’t handle my comments don’t talk to me about it! wow I’m done with the rant…I feel good now 🙂


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