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19 weeks and counting

I can’t believe I’m almost half way! We took pictures at picture people on Monday because I really wanted some Christmas pictures. I learned several things. 1. I’m not really a portrait studio lover. 2. I should have been way more involved to make sure I liked the poses on the camera and not “trusting” what someone else things is good. 3. This is why people hire professionals for there family phones. Lesson Learned! As you can see this picture is darkened because my poor husband looks like a cave man! She obviously didn’t know how to pose us. The block letters do give away the baby’s name! Isaac but I will leave the rest a mystery until he is born! Speaking of Isaac’s entry into the world. I have finally decided on a hospital. After much agony I will be giving birth at Ft. Belvior Army hospital. I am having a natural birth and very involved on how my birth plan will go. We currently live in between Ft. Belvior and Bethesda Naval. I “thought” that Bethesda would be the best choice but after many weeks of research it will not be a natural friendly choice for me. Bethesda is a teaching hospital and I don’t want to be another test subject for the trainees (sorry). Also the thought of 14 + staff members in my room for my babies birth is the exact opposite of my goal. I had a meeting Monday with my OB coordinator, doctor and a L&D nurse and after expressing my wishes for a nice quiet family environment I was sure that I was making the right decision to stay put. Next step is a tour with my husband and doula. The nurse on staff gave me a mini tour and let me ask a ton of questions. She gave me comfort in knowing that a lot of women go natural and they support you any way they can! YAY

19 weeks

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