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Tonight’s Dinner…Pizza Rolls

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been searching for easy dinners! You know when you’re starving and just want to throw something together. I think I might have just fallen in love with a new Southern cook. Check out I stumbled across Christy Jordan on the Today Show today and she was making all sorts of yummy southern food. I immediately loved the ease and her “throw it together” attitude! My dinner tonight is on her website under 20 things to make with ground beef. I am going to try every last recipe because it is so easy and I can look at then cook without reading it while I cook. I also cook for 2 now and she cooks for a family of 4 but it is easy to cut in half. I will show you the steps but if you need to look at something it is on her website with more details.

Brown 1lb of ground beef and sprinkle some flax seed Add Onions,peppers(whatever you like in pizza)

I wish you could see my new deep skillet (Paula Dean)

Add to small jars of Pizza Sauce. Simmer for 20 min or so.

I am impatient and gobble it up too soon but taste it later and its so much yummier!

Next time I’m adding pepperoni! Now add Mozzarella cheese.

I used shredded put I have fresh..that’s what I’m using next time too!


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

It has been so busy! I am blessed to say that I had one heck of a Christmas even the baby had it good! My parents got me all my big stuff off my registry (car seat,pack & play and bassinet). My husband is off for another 4 days and in those 4 days we will be done with this nursery. I am feeling great and I don’t want to wait much longer in this pregnancy to have everything set. This Sat we will take a tour of the hospital and then next Sun we will start Bradley classes which will make all this so real. Baby Isaac has been moving like crazy and now you can see my tummy shake and move with the kicks. I also got a flip camera from my dad so I am going to try and get it on film because I think it is too cool plus he refuses to move when anyone else is in the room(I’m starting to think that no one believes me). He also has a history of this in the ultrasound room. I am getting 3d/4d  ultrasound at the end of the month so I am keeping my fingers crossed he is not sleeping! I leave you with my favorite Christmas pictures 🙂

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Spinach and Cheese Manicotti

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m not much for following directions..I read and then I make!

Something you can’t do with baking!

Basics: Ricotta, Spinach,Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, 1 Egg, S+P. I had extra filling so I just Sprinkled on top!

I love cheese..after the picture I sprinkled more!

Bake 350 for 30-40 min. I couldn’t wait 40 so after 30 min and it was hot enough!


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Baby Bums

December 22, 2010 Leave a comment

I knew well before my pregnancy after much research that I wanted to cloth diaper my baby. I looked into diaper services but it will be cheaper to do it on my own. I have purchased several types of cloth diapers just so that I can find out what is right for me. One type I purchased is gDiapers (which I am most excited about using). gDiapers is a what they call a hybrid diaper. This means you can use biodegradable disposable inserts or cloth inserts. I figured it would be easiest to use the disposable while I am out with the baby vs carrying a “dirty” bag. My mom has said she refuses to use cloth diapers. I told her over my dead body will this baby have non-breathable plastic on his cute little tush! Baby’s get really bad diaper rashes with disposables and not to mention in a year these dirty things will be still be hanging around our earth.  Some people say I am wasting water but I think it’s better than putting diapers in landfills. I am also using the old-fashioned pre-folds as well. I have been making my husband practice on a teddy bear. I am sure he won’t be changing that many diapers so I’m not worried about him trying to fold them. I have been watching a ton of you tube videos on how to fold them and I must say I am a pro! My parents said they tried to cloth diaper me but it was gross and smelled. It is now 2010 and they have solved that problem with all sorts of neat things! Some people ask me what if it doesn’t work? Well it’s not rocket science and it isn’t an option for me not to make it work. On a much more excited note…Isaac is a ham in the womb. He is the funniest little baby and I can’t help but laugh when we see him on ultrasound! We could never get him to look at us and when he would he had his hands spread over his face! He spent most of his time with his back to us which made it hard for the tech to get good pictures of anything. Ed & I are getting 3d/4d the end of January. I can’t wait!!!  He is almost a pound and that’s so exciting! I leave you with my “Rants and Ravs” of this week!

Rants: Workers who left my gate open and then chief went exploring the neighborhood. A. I’m not sure why you are back there. B. Shut the f**** gate if you were.

Ravs: My 20 week ultrasound and seeing my baby boy and confirming its still boy. 🙂

I can’t wait to see his little tushy in these newborn gDiapers

See fun colors for da boo boo!

Me at 21 wks 2 days

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Winter Wonderland

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment

I honestly can’t say enough about Kristin Partin Photography! She is amazing and I can’t wait to see the rest! I have to 1st say that it was Freezing cold yesterday and I wasn’t sure I would even last 10 min but I made it almost an hour. It was worth being uncomfortable to get amazing shots like this one! I will be using her for my Maternity photo’s as well and I already want to take them because it is so much fun working with her and Sarah! I need the bump to grow a little more so it will be in February (hopefully its warmer). I don’t think I even look preggers in this picture thanks to some “non” maternity wear by Kate Spade. I love the colors against the white snow. I am 21 weeks in this photo! I will have to take one today so you can see the bumps progress! Ed and I are going to our 20 week ultrasound. I need to confirm that it’s a boy again plus we have diagnostic stuff to do. I had a dream 2 nights in a row that I somehow  I was having a girl 😦  I wanted a girl until I found out it was a boy and now I want it to stay that way!

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What’s in your bag? (Kelly Moore Bags)

December 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been seriously considering a new career when the baby is born! I have about $5k left in my spouse account for school. I’m going to take a leap and go into photography. I’m looking at the Washington Photography school where I can get a certificate in Professional photography. I know that you don’t need a degree but it’s free school and I can learn something new. I want a career that I work from home and can travel to different states (i.e. if my husband gets a new contract job in another city). I remember the 2 years that I took in photography with my dad’s 1st camera in high school. I was convinced then I wanted to be a photographer! I must not be so bad because my work is framed in my parents home. I think I’m way past the stage that they are afraid to hurt my feelings. They honestly were never afraid so I know that it must look good, lol :)! There is a point to all this rambling. As concerned I am about starting a business, I’m more concerned how I will look doing the job. This brings me to a camera bag. I refuse to carry something that makes me look like a tourist. Luckily I stumbled upon Kelly  Moore Bags. This is a must have bag for a fashionista photographer. I love it because all the bags you can wear anytime and then turn it into a camera bag. Here is a look at the can’t help but love them!

I’m leaning towards this one but look at the website ( and you will want one of each! I just need to decide on a color….

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Halfway there

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I am officially 20 weeks and 2 days and halfway through my pregnancy! I never thought I would get here. I feel like now the real work starts..nursery,childbirth classes,tour of hospital etc. I am really excited to get things started. Baby Isaac is moving more and more and I can’t wait until Ed and my sister can feel him kicking. He is a very active baby in there and I can’t imagine what he must be thinking in there. I know I wish I could be warm in someone’s tummy with room service. My sister keeps telling me “I’m huge” but I don’t feel too big and my doctor says I’m gaining just the right amount of weight! I’m starting to walk more to offset some of my cravings for not so healthy foods (nachos,wings,french fries) that I won’t give up!  I have also started to think of what I will be doing (work wise) after Isaac is born. I need to start building a business of myself. I want something that will allow me to stay at home with my baby and also have a successful career. I know lots of mom’s do it and are very successful. I will have to start thinking about this seriously the next few months because once the baby is here I know I will lose focus. I leave you with my 20 week survey!

How far along?:  20 weeks
How big is baby?: As long as a banana!
Weight gain?: 13 lbs
Stretch marks?: no thank god!
Sleep?: Well I don’t get any because I get up a dozen times for the bathroom
Best moment this week?: Finding out the baby is healthy (16 wk screening was normal)
Food cravings?: rice krispy treats
Movement?: Morning and evening..I think he naps all day!
Ravs: Getting positive support from my doctor and staff

Rants: People who have to comment on my choice for natural birth. Nothing is going to scare me into drugs! I get it from everyone no matter where I am. The first thing that comes out of people’s mouth is “wow it looks like that baby is going to be big” and the second thing is “your going to have drugs,right?”. Of course I say no and it is as if I killed there dog. From now on I’m not explaining myself and defending my decisions, I am just going to walk way. This is what is best FOR ME and my BABY! A year ago, I would have said give me drugs until the second I got pregnant.  I realized that I didn’t want anything to do with it. I’m pretty strong minded when it comes to the subject so if you can’t handle my comments don’t talk to me about it! wow I’m done with the rant…I feel good now 🙂


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